At School

A great way for kids to learn the value of supporting a good cause

Holding a Superhero-themed event at school can be lots of fun for the kids and it’s a great way to build your school community. Children enjoy the experience of organising their event and they’ll learn the value of supporting a worthy cause.

Kenzie’s Gift uses the funds raised to support young children and teens during times of emotional difficulty following the loss of a loved one, or a diagnosis of serious illness in the family. The aim is to provide tools for coping at the time, and in the future.

Here are some Super ideas to get you started:

1Superhero Mufti Day and Fancy Dress

Hold a Superhero fancy dress day or mufti day with special awards for the Best Dressed and Most Creative Superheroes. Gold coin participation.

2Superhero Catwalk

Rock the catwalk with a Superhero fashion show where everyone can show off their Superhero outfits. Promote and sell tickets to the fashion show to your local community, friends and family.

3Superhero Breakfast

How about a Superhero Breakfast? Start your Champions off for the day with a delicious Super-Food breakfast at school.

4Marvelous Superhero Masks

Get creative by drawing or painting favourite Superhero masks and faces. Showcase and auction the artwork at a special parents’ evening for parents. Boost revenue by gold coin entry.

5Superhero Comic Time

In exchange for a gold coin, children can bring their favourite comic to read at story time.

6Superhero Acts of Kindness

Why not have kids engage in Superhero Acts of Kindness and be sponsored for their good work? Doing odd jobs for those less able in the local community, or for environmental benefit, can be rewarding and fun: car washes, a bit of gardening, beach cleans, or visiting elderly neighbours and giving them a hand. The options are endless to spread those Superhero Acts of Kindness.

Sign up your school today and become superheroes!

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