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Take part at work and get everyone on board to support our kids through some tough times.

Superhero Fridays

The best part about becoming a Kenzie’s Gift Superhero is that you can tailor your fundraising activities to suit your organisation’s structure and staff. We’re here to help you and your team create fun, engagement, and build morale amongst your employees. Keeping the ‘super’ in Superhero, here are a few ideas to get the engagement and fun rolling at your workplace.

  • Set a Superhero challenge and get sponsoring - have the team, senior execs and CEO dress as their favourite Superhero for the day. Add in a spot of competition with an award for the best Superhero.
  • Swear jar collections—a sure way to raise money and an idea to keep all year round!
  • Have a Superhero Coffee Challenge for a week and donate your coffee money.
  • Ask your CEO or Executive to dollar-match funds raised by your staff.
  • Hold a sales event and donate a percentage of earnings raised to Kenzie’s Gift.
  • Our team can support you in promoting payroll giving to your staff. Donations are tax-free and come directly to us. It’s a really easy and simple way for your staff to support Kenzie’s Gift and they can be Superheroes year round.
  • Host a Superhero Breakfast.
  • Get a life-sized Superhero cut-out character in your office along with a collection tin, charge for a photo opportunity and post to social media using #KGSuperhero.

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