Individual and Community

Fundraise with friends, groups or be your own hero and take on a personal challenge

Our community supporters are true heroes spreading our word and raising vital funds to help us reach more children and families who desperately need our help.

Whether it’s your community group doing some fundraising, neighbours getting together to host an activity, or fundraising on your own by undertaking a sponsored challenge, all projects are good ones.

Here are some ideas we’ve put together to get you thinking:

1Superhero Trivia Night

Pay to play: remember all that trivial information you’ve acquired over the years? Put it to work at a Superhero Trivia Night at home with friends or with colleagues at work.

2Superhero cake stalls, snacks and sausage sizzles

Always a great way to satisfy hungry Superheroes; sell some yummy food. Donate the proceeds.

3Screen your favourite Superhero film

Hold an evening screening, get out the popcorn and ask for gold coin donations.

4Superhero Dog Walk

Do you love getting out and about with your four-legged Superhero companions? Why not organise a Superhero Dog Walk, get your capes and leads, head out for an adventure and take gold coin donations.

5Are you a wanting to take on a personal challenge?

There’s nothing like becoming your own Superhero and taking on a personal challenge. Whether it’s a marathon run, an ocean swim, or an adventure race, or ‘big picture’ like walking the Great Wall of China, we’re right behind you. Seek sponsorship for your challenge and be the best you can be.

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